Caring for the Children and Youth



In our daily work with children and youth we focus on orphans and vulnerable children.  Tateni offers the following services to the young people of Mamelodi:

  • Psychosocial and physical needs assessment
  • Child and family counseling
  • Referrals to social care and child support grants
  • Parental support and guidance for child-headed households
  • Educational and recreational outings
  • Counseling and support groups
  • Life skills guidance
  • School subject choice and career guidance
  • Extra classes in critical subjects such as maths and science
  • Computer literacy classes
  • Access to further education, work coaching and job placement
  • Psycho-social support for children and their families


Our Drop-in Centres


Tateni operates ten Drop-in Centres for orphaned and vulnerable children in Mamelodi.  These Centres provide a place of safety for primary and secondary school children where they receive nutritious meals, assistance with school work, and participate in sport and recreational activities.  In addition, we help youngsters to access different psychosocial support services, using the Centres as a home base.  



This is our latest Drop-in Centre, founded in 2013 at the Umthombo Primary School at Mamelodi West A3. The principal of the school is the former deputy principal of Rephafogile Secondary School where Tateni has been running a Drop-in Centre since 2011. As he was impressed by our work, he asked us to also open a Drop-in Centre at his new school. Our care givers, Thabitha and Lucy, look after 11 boys and 18 girls.


St. Francis

The centre is based at the St. Francis Anglican Church at D5 Mamelodi West. Founded in 2007, it is one of our oldest Centres that receives a lot of support from the church. Bridgette, Maria and Petunia care for 27 children from different schools in the area.



The Drop-In Centre close to the Police Station in Mamelodi West, A5 is one of our latest Drop-In Centres operated in cooperation with...




One of our youngest Drop-In Centres in Mamelodi West.






Based in Mamelodi Gardens in the East of Mamelodi, our care givers, Sinah, Johanna and Jonny look after 27 children from the Mogale Primary School.  As the Centre was founded in 2008 in a private house it is called Boitumelo ("Place of Joy") and not named after the school that it serves.


Mahlasedi Masana

This is our oldest Drop-in Centre in Mamelodi East Ext 8 that opened in 2006 at the primary school of the same name. Sello, Judith and Rebecca care for 31 children.


Meetse a Bophelo

Maggy, Musa and Mapula care for 41 children at the Centre which opened in 2007.  Meetse a Bophelo ("Living Waters") is a newly renovated primary school in Mamelodi East Ext 8 and serves the children from the nearby informal settlement of Phomolong.



Rephafogile is the only Centre based at a secondary school, Rephafuigle Secondary School in Lusaka Ext 22, an area surrounded by informal houses.  Mahlodi and Rinie look after 16 girls and 10 boys.


Sediba Sa Thuto

The Centre is based in Mamelodi East Ext 18 and is visited by 31 boys and 65 girls. It was opened in 2013 shortly before Umthombo Centre. At the time, the Meetse a Bophelo Drop-in Centre was too crowded, with many children coming from Phomolong, so it was decided to open a Centre in the informal settlement to assist the Meetse a Bophelo Drop-in Centre. The care givers are Nkele, Millicent, Magkotso, Stella, Thelma Paseletso, Anna and Mompumelelo.

 Map of our Drop-In Centres