The 19th Tateni AGM was held at the Moretelle Park, because the Tateni office could not accommodate more than 100 guests.  The AGM was opened with a prayer and a short introduction by our moderator, John Storom, a friend of Tateni.

The Chairperson, Mr. Charles Baloyi, welcomed the guests who attended the meeting to get an update on Tateni´s work and success. After a short speech by Mr Storom about the purpose of the day, Mr. Baloyi gave his

annual report, followed by Mrs. Regina Mokgokong, the Executive Director, who presented the projects of Tateni for the last year. 

The presentations were followed by the election of the new Board of Directors.  The only change to the Board was the election of Mrs Phalane, Director of the Mamelodi High School, as the seventh member of the Board.

After the election, one of the Board members, Mr. Eric Buiten, presented the new “Breaking the Cycle of Poverty” project, and referred to the future of Tateni in general. He explained how the “cycle of poverty” works and how Tateni wants to assist people to break out of it through addressing education. He suggested that the name of “Tateni Home Care Nursing Services” be changed. Most of the audience agreed with him, and at the end of a long discussion the audience instructed the Board of Directors to change the name to “Tateni Community Care Services” during the year that follows so that the new name will be in use at the time of the 20th AGM in 2015.  The 19th AGM ended with a lunch buffet for the guests.